Loan Process and Fees

Our Loan Application Procedures,

  1. We work with you to evaluate your needs.
  2. We calculate your borrowing capacity and budge how much you can afford.
  3. We compare and contract multi loan products in the market.
  4. We help you select right and most suitable loan products.
  5. We do all the paper work and communication with lenders.
  6. We offer excellent consistent consulting service even after loan settled.


What I need to know after Loan settled,

 Loan settled is an exciting moment, but is not the end of story for us. We respect the relationship with our clients, and love to provide with ongoing life time consulting services in terms of loan health check, free refinancing and post settlement services.


Our Fees,

How does LeMerit Finance get paid?

In most cases, we will offer free of charges loan services for our clients, as we are paid by lenders on settled loans with normally average 0.6% of loan amount and then average 0% – 0.15% p.a. trail commission on the balance of your loan. You will not be added any fees or costs into your loan. In addition, LeMerit Finance guarantee the mortgage and finance advise from us is truly and fairly based on your different needs and circumstances, not affected by lenders’ commission rate.  All the commission we receive is fully disclosure in the loan documents.

However, In the below scenarios, we will charge little fee from you,

  • Car Loan or Asset Finance ($200 GST Inclusive)
  • Personal Loan ($200 GST Inclusive)
  • Complex Loan Applications ($200 GST Inclusive)